But, What We Can Do Is


We can learn. We can learn  about love, and why it is necessary. We can learn why others deserve tolerant love, and why tolerance is a necessary attitude. We can learn why hatred poisons the hater more than the hated.

We can do. We can practice our lessons and learn them better from each other. We can teach our children what we learn, so the survivors can feel nothing was left out when a life has ended. They can then cherish memories rather than burn.

We can Be. We can be kinder, friendly, helpful, and then feel rewarded by the kindness of others. We can be disappointed at times, and then pleased when unexpected joy arrives from strangers. We can be the ones who make our own lives examples to be followed through the practices we display. That, not how we look nor what we believe, is what’s important about each of us and what others consider first.


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