Dangerous Liars



What people teach each of us at the beginning of life forms the information pool with which all future information must agree to be believed. Few people can abandon that original pool, or arrive at a condition of distrust for it, without a trauma followed by years of skeptical rethinking. That is not something pleasant to endure while raising a family in middle age. We are not taught about how to apply critical thought, nor about the various kinds of evidence we ought to insist we be shown, nor about faux evidence wielded by those with nothing real to offer, nor do we get to understand logic. What we do get well taught is to pretend, to trust questionable authority, and to deny our own ignorance. We become liars to our own selves due to that, and suffer in many ways that will never get attributed to their actual causes. Doubt is truth’s best friend. So, we do have a choice: whether to become like Doubting Thomas, or sheepish liars to our own selves.


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