To Tell the Truth

crusadesSMPeople such as myself who rely on natural evidence to discern the truth about all kinds of matters, tend to believe such truths are so obvious they should sooner or later find universal acceptance. That, despite evidence to the contrary made plain of late, remains a source of hope. Such confidence does not inspire street bands of scientists to go on noisy marches to announce each new discovery. The trickle-down theory proved a failure in economics and scientists should have learned from that: The people who need it the most don’t get the money nor the message.


2 thoughts on “To Tell the Truth

  1. magnocrat

    The truth is not what matters to the vast majority they are too busy getting on with life struggling for a bigger share of the cake. Hear is a simple truth every day 24,000 people die of starvation.

  2. hedonix Post author

    As a person who struggled just to stay even, and failed, I understand what you wrote. What I learned is that truth matters, and that knowing how its absence contributes to your own suffering is of supreme importance however distracted life makes you; it matters whether or not we can acknowledge it, What harms us is never getting to hear truths nor ever understand how our own choices may contribute to their absence.


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