Evil and sin, subjects of great interest to monotheists, whose definitions, adapted to serve Godly interests, cause them to violate their own commandments. Rather than care about that, we should express our own definitions for secular versions of such words.
SIN: Those acts that lead to others’ loss or injustice, especially without their unforced permission.
EVIL: Horrendous, reprehensible acts that lead to suffering and/or misfortune or ruin.
Both require intent or negligence (as a negative form of intent) to apply; they are otherwise accidental: (1)”I didn’t mean to run over him, Officer. I was watching a blonde in a convertible go past me when I felt his body go under the car. I couldn’t take my eyes away from her hair gorgeous blowing in the wind. Am I in trouble?”
(2) “I was fifteen miles under the speed limit when I rounded that bend, and there he was. I knew I couldn’t stop and tried to steer around him. I didn’t have time to think. My car went into a skid and I hit him anyways. Am I in trouble?”
(3) “Two more people ran over him after I got my car off the road and stepped on the gas to get away. I wrote down their plate numbers. Are they in trouble?”
If you’re the judge, what label would you apply to each of those cases and, most important, why”


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