As a people, we seem not to pay much attention to this founding document, but we do assert rights: some that it grants, and some it does not. We seem most often to forget that others have those same rights either granted or not granted to them, and that it depends upon reciprocation for rights to be valid. Posited by Epicurus a couple hundred years previous to the common era, reciprocity is one of the basic tenets of the hedonism which served at least in part as the philosophy which begat America. Beware of those who’d tell you otherwise. Study not their perverted words, but look for the original words where you can find them, and then verify their verisimilitude by comparing them with other sources before accepting them as real. Beware the revisionism now attempting to assert itself into the general understanding, Lies are not facts. Lies will gain the force of facts if made into law. Do not let wily foolers make a fool of you; don’t think yourself immune to the serpent’s bite. The future of America depends on our correct understanding of the past.


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