Since Reagan, with the possible exception of Obama, all of our American presidents have been Conservatives. With radical conservatism consuming our multiple layers of governance, highway bridges have begun collapsing, freedom and democracy have become targets for radical religious elements, schools have lost the ability to educate… Conservatism preaches the gospel of fear that drives it. Look at the middle East to find the results of that: Countries once the hallmarks of progress are now in ruins, torn apart by self-destructive wars as divisive elements vie for dominance. Very similar clones of those elements are hard at work right here, rewriting history, inserting falsehoods into science textbooks, preaching revised reality to anyone who will listen, bribing or conning their way into positions of influence and power. The first white settlers came to this country to escape religious oppression, but knew only one way to live. Without a plan, they instituted in the original colonies that oppression from which they had escaped. That evil memeplex lurks beneath the fabric of every society, waiting to turn back in time that same way and throttle the human spirit into submission. If you think this is a joke, you have not been paying attention.


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