Civil Rights

Science should have the final say on civil rights, once humankind has worked out the parameters. Such ideas as maximizing wellbeing, or the greatest happiness for the greatest numbers get talked about, but seem to stray away from reality. I think interactions between individuals and the various layers of community should be tested discover at what point of maximized rights people begin to infringe on each other, and go from there. Many questions need asking, such as, “Does your womanly right to refuse sex always supersede my right to inquire?” “Does my right to voice an opinion end at your right to feel offended?” “Does the government have an actual right to impose restrictions without first testing for all their effects?” Thomas Jefferson wrote that quote in 1779 (Statute for Religious Freedom, 1779. ME 2:301, Papers 2:545), but, has it ever been tested for a factual basis?


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