No matter what you believe in, someone is not happy with it. Talk about what you find true and others will argue and get upset, even over a single point of difference. A lot of baggage comes along with most beliefs; to question them calls to question all those loved ones from whom you learned them– a long line, if considered one person at a time. Admit you don’t know something and you feel like you’ve invited hordes of unwanted visitors pushing opposing truths for you to adopt. You’ll want to scream at them: “Get out of here. Stay far away!” Tell them you’re an atheist and they hear, “I don’t believe any of you. My mind is empty. Come fill it up.” By keeping your own normalcy in mind, you’ll eventually begin to wonder how those pushy people you meet on the street or greet at your door manage to convert anyone at all. I think they each intend to wear you down, and live in hope that they’ll be the one to whom you’ll eventually give in.


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