Our conservative nation thrives on fear. Really, most of us start yawning on any day that ends without some kind of scary event. Such ho-hum days happen often enough that we have web sites dedicated to inventing scary stories, and they make money from doing it! It’s just technology’s version of whole ancient industries whose sole purpose is to perpetuate Conservatism with all kinds of tales about devils, incubuses, succubi, gods, witches, and somebody named “Them” or “Them Thar”. Conservatism grows from seeing fear as a healthy condition that promotes survival. When faced with choosing between two scary things, we naturally opt for the less scary; to risk death in a war, for instance, is less scary than to risk having to live under Nazi rule or Sharia law. Citizens of a country suffering through constant shocks from earthquakes, floods, wildfires, avalanches, landslides, droughts, pollution, tornadoes, hurricanes, gang wars, school shootings, high murder rates… have become jaded to the effects of fear. Terrorists are wasting their efforts.


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