Bricks of Success

People err when they gauge success only according to riches. True success is found only in the answer to one question: “Is this person accomplishing what he/she set out to do?” An openly atheist person eventually learns that, in modern locales, stoning now occurs orally as words take the place of bricks and rocks. Wise atheists, intent on learning what is true about life, will take up those hurled epithets, study them, and build a wall of knowledge from the truth they then learn on their own. The sinking sands of unfounded faith, whereupon those stand who hurl the epithets, exemplify for such students that truer knowledge arises not from what can be thrown at a target, but grows from a firm foundation built up from where they stand. Therefore, do not fear others who come to taunt you, but welcome them and seek new truths you can glean from their words. Don’t waste bricks by only tossing them back. Build that wall with them.


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