Big Brain

It’s why we spend so many years in classrooms, and why those who apply themselves to their lessons do the best in life. Humans thrive on information; without it we are beggars or thieves who eek a subsistence at best. A lifetime of study would not gain all there is to know. That makes society important, where each of us can work with what we do learn to gain or create productive employment from which we and others benefit. In destructive societies that denigrate knowledge and those who seek it, that only happens in the most rudimentary way.


2 thoughts on “Big Brain

  1. magnocrat

    If we base our society on the size of our brain power then those with the highest IQs will rise to the top and those born will little talent will be left behind. The other serious problem with such an approach is high intelligence does not mean high moral standard. Many evil men have been very intelligent. The worship of education and knowledge like a golden calf is dangerous.

    1. hedonix Post author

      I have been mulling this over, and decided the size of a brain’s power matters little if it’s out of fuel or damaged with disinformation. The BEST ADAPTED is the one that wins in evolution, and that may not always, as in the previous sentence, be the most powerful, as that may be the one most capable of self-destruction.


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