I have heard lots of sermons on this. Although most went out of their way to inflame, I think they make a valid point, once the jalapenos and cayenne has been removed and one realizes what such sermons avoid: What we unbelievers do not believe is gods’ messengers. We know they do not tell the truth about us, and so we doubt their honesty in all else they say and look upon them as corrupt.
~ With that said, non-believers do follow codes of ethics derived from various sources in which they do believe. I, for one, believe in evidence and the practice of abeyance. I believe the first duty of a claimant is to provide the evidence by which any claim can be verified and that, with no reliable evidence the correct procedure is to maintain skepticism. That’s abeyance, which means I believe in science because it follows the trail of evidence like nothing else. Absence of belief does not equal rejection. Show me your evidence.


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